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SunChariot dear,

Thank you again for the amazing oracle reading you did for me. I'm still blown away by how accurate it was! You helped me relax about certain things and confirmed that a lot of others are indeed something to celebrate and be proud about. It was extremely reassuring to me. You were so spot on about the present and the past of my situation - and the people involved - that I'm really excited about getting to that future! Above all though, I'd like to thank you for your discretion, compassion, and kindness. Those personal qualities combined with accuracy make you the the sort of reader everyone hopes to find. I'm truly blessed to have been able to get a reading from you. Thanks so much for sharing your gifts with others! I hope you continue to do so. Love and light to you, always. --M.M., USA

You did a reading for me and it was absolutely wonderful!!! I'm thinking about starting my own business and was actually scared to proceed. I asked you for a reading and I thought you were going to say it wasn't a good time or maybe not the right time, but your reading was insightful, honest, and actuallly a boost of confidence.

You also read on my lovelife and your reading was a turning point for me. You said that I needed to forgive past lovers & open myself up (paraphrasing) and I started doing that and I'm meeting man after man. Your readings are very descriptive and not just the standard meanings. You also have a very gentle way of making yourself understood even if the message is not so good at the time. I really appreciate what you've done and how you helped me start to open up again and believe in myself and my dreams!! Thanks again. --TS-Washington, DC

SunChariot was able, with a few cards, to zero in on the heart of my question and its implications, present and future. I'm very happy with her accurate, intuitive, and insightful oracle reading, and I plan to take the advice gained from it in hand to help my household through a difficult adjustment period. I recommend her readings highly! --Barbara K., California, USA

The Angel reading that SunChariot did for me was very accurate. I feel that Angel readings really have their own way to "heal" people's souls compared to Tarot. The way that SunChariot interpreted and explained the cards was very inspiring. From what she described about the card then looking at the card itself, I got an idea and understand more of what the card was trying to tell me, and in fact the cards are so beautiful. The opinions that SunChariot suggested were very positive and encouraging as well, they make sense to what's going on in my life and I will definitely take her advice on board! --TD. Australia

Dear SunChariot,

You have given me hindsight into my situation and frankly, I couldn't be happier! Too many times, readings leave us wanting for more, but not here. I was fairly puzzled (not to say: utterly confused) and you have provided me with understanding and clarity. What more could I have asked for???

First of all, I have to thank you for taking the time to put each rune into context for me (and for the sake of the reading as well), it really helped me understand the process within the unfolding of the reading, especially since I knew nothing about Runes until now! You were so thorough that I printed your email and read it a few times to take in all the information you provided me with. - I am also very fascinated with Runes now! (And you are talking to a Tarot aficionado!)

Another VERY interesting fact is that while you've opened a window into the situation, you've also made me understand why it was that I had to ask the question in the first place! This is a first for me! You cannot imagine how LIBERATING that felt! Because, at the end of the day, it was me who was totally confused by the situation and I don't need to tell you how draining that could be!

The most amazing thing is that, even if the situation is not about to change anytime soon: I have become a 100% ok with it. I understand WHY things are the way they are and ultimately, this is all I needed! After all, my question does involve another human being, so 'understanding' is key.

Now that I've gotten your reading; I feel empowered and I know exactly what I am dealing with, which in turns, allows me to know what to do or not to do about it. So, THANK YOU so much SunChariot: things will be much easier from now on.

This reading was everything that a reading should be about: Truth, reality, hindsight, relief, understanding, clarity, peace of mind and love.

You understood the profound nature of my question. The question beneath the question, so to speak! And the bonus is that you are a total sweetheart!

I already know that I will come to you again next time something baffles me.

I wish you the same inner peace as the one you have just provided me with. --Maggie, Canada

You were very detailed, and very deep, the actual reading referred to my spiritual side I have been on a spiritual journey for a year and a half, and your reading tells me I will still be on this for a little while to come.

It speaks so much of my development and lessons of spiritual growth. I am so impressed with the depth and detail of your understanding of the cards, and all the energy you put into them.

You have a true gift, and have left me so much room for thought and I feel privileged to have you read for me thank you so much. --Linda, England

Dear Babs,

You are a truly gifted reader who I believe communicates with the Angels. You words and insight offer hope when times are tough. I am truly blessed to have been led to you. I will definitely be back for more of your wisdom. --Bel, Australia

Babs is a kind person and a gifted reader. She truly cares about the people she deals with...even when they are a complete stranger. She has read for me on a couple of situations, and has given me something to think about each time...sometimes even when I don't know what my question is. Everything Babs does, she does with her heart. That, to me, is the most important part of any reader. If your heart isn't into it, then you just don't get the same results. I count myself lucky to have had a reading from this genuine, wonderful, talented woman. --Siri, Illinois, USA


Oh, I sat here, with my coffee and read carefully every word....love the cards you are using Ms. Babs! I am amazed at how deep you go....beautiful. You know Babs? You are a very good story teller and write so well...you should write stories. --Ella, USA

I have been reading tarot for awhile and I felt I had no need for a professional reading. Why pay for what I can do myself? But when SunChariot offered to read for me, I couldn't resist...and I am so glad that I got the reading. She provided me with the most accurate and helpful reading to date (and I've had literally hundreds!).

SunChariot's reading won't just tell you if something is going to happen or not, her readings give helpful advice on how to ensure that you get the desired result...and in my case, it offered the right amount of encouragement at just the right time.

Some things are better left to a qualified professional, Tarot reading is one of them. I will definitely recommend SunChariot to my friends, and if they're not satisfied I will personally pay for their readings, myself. This is how confident I am that they will enjoy their readings as much as I did. --Olivia, South Philadelphia, USA/ Olivia1 on Aeclectic Tarot

Thank you for your reading. It was very lovely. The photo of the runes and your drawing were wonderful! The description of the runes brought them to life. The reading was extensive and it is evident to me that you put a lot of love and energy into it. It shines through every word. Thank you once again. --franniee, USA

I want to thank SunChariot for a truly inspiring reading! Not only did her insights provide the guidance I was hoping for, her words resonated in such a way that I found myself reconnecting with my own intuition and gaining a fresh perspective. SunChariot is a gifted reader who offers a rare mix of genuine compassion with an extensive knowledge of symbolism and the cards; I recommend her highly! --W.K., USA

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