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A Tarot deck is quite simply a divination deck composed of 78 cards.  It is divided into two parts.  There are 22 Major Arcana cards, indicating important life issues we are meant to face and learn from in our lives.  Then there are the 56 Minor Arcana cards, depicting the everyday issues of life. These also contain the Court Cards which often can indicate people in our lives whom we are meant to learn something from.

Popular misconceptions and superstitions abound when it comes to Tarot.  One is that somehow some negative card will come up that will foretell a negative future that you cannot avoid.  Nothing could be further from the truth. First, the future is almost always changeable. And using a divination tool such as Tarot is one of the best ways to change it. On the rare occasion the future cannot be changed, it’s because there is a lesson you are meant to learn by facing that future, and it is in your highest good to learn it.

Secondly there are no “bad” cards in Tarot. They will accurately portray any aspect of your life that you ask about, all the positive and negative aspects in it, but only in helpful ways.  Some of the cards may have ominous sounding names, but their meanings are never menacing in any way.  All the cards are there to help us reach our highest potentials. 


There are over 500 different Tarot decks currently in print. Many are true works of art.  My favorite definition of Tarot is that it is “visual poetry”—beautiful images that stir the soul.

I would be happy to do one, two or three card readings for you.  The more cards used, the more detailed your answer will be.  Larger readings are available upon request.

I can also calculate your Tarot Soul, Personality year cards for you. The first will tell you your soul’s purpose during this lifetime and what qualities will help you achieve it, the second is about your life purpose hopes and lessons you are meant to learn during this lifetime, and the third touches upon the major events that will touch your life during a specific year and the lessons these are meant to teach you.

I would be happy to do a personalized and in-depth one, two or three card reading for you.


  • $8.00 USD for your Soul card, Personality card and your current year card OR for your current year card and those of the following two years
  • $22.00 USD for a one card reading
  • $40.00 USD for a two card reading
  • $50.00 USD for a three card reading
  • Bonus for first-timers: a free Tarot soul card, personality card and current year card reading included with your first reading.

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