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Oracles were commonly used in many ancient civilizations and countries. They can be traced back to at least as early as 1600 b.c.e. While these Oracles took many different forms, today they are commonly found in card format.

An Oracle deck is a deck of cards used for divination, but unlike Tarot it has no set format. There are no rules as to how many cards an Oracle deck can contain or to how these are laid out. The lack of universal structure between Oracle decks means that they are often read in more creative ways.
Each deck is a very unique expression of the individual philosophy of its creator, and embodies much of his/her personal wisdom. Oracle decks can be used for any type of question.

There are many beautiful, varied and unique Oracle decks currently in print.
Each can be used to access hidden knowledge, and to tell us what we most need to know.

I would be happy to do one, two or three card readings for you. The more cards used, the more detailed your answer will be. Larger readings are available upon request.


I would be happy to do a personalized and in-depth one, two or three card reading for you.


$22.00 USD for a one card reading.
$40.00 USD for a two card reading.
$50.00 USD for a three card reading.
Bonus for first-timers: a free Tarot soul card, personality card and current year card reading included with your first reading. (see Tarot Readings page for more info on these) these).


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