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Angels are all about unconditional love and easily look past surface appearances and see the true good and inner beauty and purpose inherent within each of us and within every situation we face.  They don't focus on what we consider to be our “faults” as their love is totally unconditional.  Instead their focus is on helping each of us reach our highest potential and achieve our life purpose.

Your angels are always there for you when you need them and ask for their help.  The angel readings I do make use of angel Oracle cards to ask the angels your questions and to allow them to answer you through the cards.  You can choose to contact either the archangels for more worrisome concerns or your personal guardian angels for more everyday issues.  

Angel readings are invaluable in times when you need comfort, help with your life path or life purpose, help finding your connection to everything around you and seeing your true inner beauty, or just help with understanding where you are in your life right now and why.

I would be happy to do one, two or three card readings for you.  The more cards used, the more detailed your answer will be.  Larger readings are available upon request.



I would be happy to do a personalized and in-depth one, two or three card reading for you.


  • $22.00 USD for a one card reading
  • $40.00 USD for a two card reading
  • $50.00 USD for a three card reading
  • Bonus for first-timers: a free Tarot soul card, personality card and current year card reading included with your first reading. (see Tarot Readings page for more info on these)

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